2014 Cup run: Relive it with us throughout August!

Well hockey fans, now that we’ve hit August you know what happens in the NHL calendar:


But don’t fret, because unlike the other 29 NHL teams who must look back on 2013-14 as a disappointment (well, maybe not the Montreal Canadiens, who had the pleasure of thwarting their arch-nemesis), the LA Kings and their fans can spend this summer reliving the glory of their 2014 Stanley Cup.

Which is precisely what we are setting aside the month of August to do here on The Kings of Kings.


That’s right. Each week of August we will dedicate to a round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, beginning with the first full week when we take a closer look at Round One, involving the Kings and their rivals from the north, the San Jose Sharks. Because the Kings seemed to enjoy taking every playoff series to the full seven games–with the exception of the Final–that conveniently puts us on a game-per-day schedule.

We will start each series on a Sunday, meaning tomorrow (August 3) we kick things off with Game 1 of the Sharks-Kings series, and finish on Saturday. Sean and Keith will check in at the end of every series (at least) to review the turbulent ups and downs and include special guests on our podcast as we do.

We encourage you all to follow along with us to re-experience the roller coaster of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs! Extensive highlights from each NHL game can be found at video.NHL.com, beginning with the first game on April 17 (ugh). Diehards can pay 5 bucks (per month) and watch entire games through the NHL.com’s NHL Vault feature. One could also scour the web for alternative recaps or perhaps bootleg full-length versions of the games (just saying).

As an added bonus, and to serve as an entertaining sort of viewing guide, we have compiled the highly entertaining text message thread between Sean, Keith, and other hockey friends that elapsed over these two months. For each game–therefore each day–we will provide the text thread for that particular game. As a preview, we’ll kick things off with some pre-playoff chatter between Keith and Sean.


April 11



Thoughts on Gaborik so far?

Thoughts on the SJ matchup?



You know I love Gaborik. SLOVAK!

All things considered glad we didn’t draw Ducks. Would have liked home ice.

What do you think of the new playoff format?



I’m not that impressed with it. It’s gotta be divisional or conference based. Right now it’s too in between. I hope they don’t award divisional championships to the winners of the second round.

You worried at all about Hertl being back in the SJ lineup?


Yeah that would be weird. No. Ones at the end should take division crowns.

I’m glad he’s back so we don’t have to hear excuses when we beat them in seven games.


I’m saying Kings in 6.




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