2014 Cup Run: Round 2, Game 3

Just when you thought the Kings were rolling, things start to get a little bumpy. Was Game 3 of Kings-Ducks the beginning of the end?

Sean and Keith provide thoughts below as it happened.

Today’s link: Grantland, a sports-and-entertainment catch-all started by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, featured a big-picture article looking at why the Kings, Blackhawks, Bruins, and Penguins have all had success in recent years. (After the Bruins and Penguins made early exits, Grantland discussed why the Kings and Blackhawks are the most fearsome going forward).


May 7





So we’re up 2-0 heading to our real home. And here’s the scary thing: we aren’t playing our best hockey yet. The sleeping dragon of Jeff Carter has not been roused, Richards shots haven’t slipped through yet, and Quick could be better.

I’m liking our chances.



May 8





To respond to yesterday’s text, I agree. Carter’s got to show up and when he does, secondary scoring is going through the roof. That being said, Anaheim has gotten the better of the chances and the zone time by a pretty good margin, so all four lines better show up.



The thing about Carter is that I think he is less effective, especially at scoring, as a center.



I agree. He’s gotta be on the wing so he doesn’t have to control the puck going into the zone. He can just find the slot and pull the trigger.



[Game time]





Watching at bar.

Damn Bruins game went long so I missed first ten minutes.






Call forth the toothless dragon.



What did I tell you?!! From the slot!!!



Great passing play.



Kopi with at least one point in every playoff game.






Carter and Richards on the board. But so is Perry.



True, but Perry did blow an empty net goal and then saw Mike Richards score, so there is that.



Yes. I imagine the gif will flow.


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