2014 Cup Run: Round 2, Game 4

If the second round series between the Kings and Ducks is a three act play–with the Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Kings–then Game 4 is the muddling middle of the unfortunate second act.

Good thing Keith was off camping and did not have to witness this game, though Sean saw a little. Hence, we don’t really have much of a text thread for this game.

Instead, today’s link will fill that void: Jewels From the Crown provides a Game Thread, here allowing you to follow along with Kings fans as they watch Game 4 unfold. (Sensitive readers avert your eyes)


May 10





Gibson in net tonight. Are we going to get a Stalock repeat?



May 11



Just can’t seem to handle their depth. Gotta get the bottom 6 going!






Was camping and missed the game. How would you assess the game?


Only watched the first five minutes, but from looking at the stats, I would say the dicks played a very good defensive game, but with a poor second and third period forecheck. And I would say the kings were dominant, uncreative, and unlucky.


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