2014 Cup Run: Round 3, Game 1

With the Sharks tanked and the Ducks drowned, the unofficial Kings of California–the Los Angeles Kings–could turn their attention outside the Pacific timezone. 2013 Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks, meet 2012 Stanley Cup winner Los Angeles Kings. Again. (They faced off in last year’s Western Conference Final as well)

Folks say rivalries don’t really form until teams face each other in the playoffs, and true rivalries can’t heat up until each team has taken a series. Could the Kings return the favor to the Blackhawks after last year’s disappointment, beginning in Game 1 at Chicago–where the Kings had never won a playoff game?

In our text thread, we preview the series and introduce a new contributor, Anthony, aka Tony. NOT a Chicago fan.

And keeping with the daily tradition, a link: Though we’ve discussed and linked to ESPN in the past, and even mentioned Pierre LeBrun by name, he may be my favorite “general” hockey writer so I had to give him another plug. Especially considering how well he previews this series (all the way down to the prediction!)


May 17





Being the most objective you possibly can, what are the Kings chances at the cup this year?

Beating the Blackhawks in the Conference Final: 50%

Beating either the Habs or the Rangers in the Cup Final: 95%



So the west is mightier than the east

Sounds familiar



In every respect

So being realistic, we are probably not favored to win against Chicago, and on paper they are better. I thought we should beat SJ and Ducks and we did, but if Chicago plays their best they should beat us. This of course is not what the fan in me thinks.

But Sean is right. Whoever wins the west should crush the east, who saw its best teams crumple last round.



F_____g Chicago sympathizer. Lanksy, get a load of this guy.




Who would you say was a better mid-season trade acquisition (for that year): Carter or Gaborik?



In terms of point production, Gaborik by a long shot. But after Carter, we won the cup, so he definitely gets the edge. We shall see in a few weeks time.



True, this chapter is unfinished. But I think you’re right.



May 18


[Game time]




2-1 Hawks

I was in the middle of typing how dominant we look.






Neutral zone turnover, slapshot from Kane that deflected off Stoll.

Jesus, deflected off Trevor Lewis stick down, then deflected up off Stoll’s stick. Quick never had a chance.





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