2014 Cup Run: Reflecting on the Review

Kings win! Kings win their second Stanley Cup! A double overtime victory that also happened to be the longest game in Los Angeles history! Making history along the way, coming back from 0-3 against the Sharks, two-goal deficits against the Blackhawks, winning three game 7’s on the road, three thrilling overtime victories in the final round, in the longest championship run in the history of the playoffs.

You truly are the Kings of Kings.

For a final time, we encourage everyone to relive the moment–sheer joy this time–alongside regular friends of the podcast through the text messages below, as Keith, Sean, Ryan, Anthony, and Matt revel in the days after the 2014 victory.

A final link: On the same day we post our podcast episode with Calgary’s own Richard, let’s give a shoutout to one of Canada’s major news outlets–CBC. Of course they have a ton of hockey coverage, with a number of prominent staff writers and commentators, like Tim Wharnsby who breaks down the Kings Stanley Cup victory. They also have a couple great podcasts we enjoy listening to.


June 14







Woke up 2.5 hours ago and, yep, still cup champions.





[photo from seats of Cup presentation]




No way.






What did I tell you Tony: Bestern Conference crushes Leastern in Final.



You also said the Kings would lose to Chicago, so…..



That prediction was a complicated mix of superstition, fandom, reverse jinxes, and despair. My conclusion about the final was grounded in plain facts and objectivity



And give credit where credit is due: Sean.

[snapshot of SMS conversation with Sean’s prediction]

“Keith: But Sean is right. Whoever wins the west should crush the east, who saw its best teams crumple last round”




Keith was making the only rational prediction given his tenure as a Kings fan. Anyone who has watched this team for longer than the last 4 years will always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Gary Bettman to pop out at center ice and say “psych! The cup is going to the Red Wings!” It’s buried too deep in the damaged psyche of Kings fans.



I can comprehend that pain.



Last night finally erased Marty McSorley’s curved stick nightmare from my childhood. 2012 was bittersweet because I couldn’t watch it. This was glorious. I image this series felt to Rangers fans like 93 did to us. Losing in five games, but losing 3 of the games in OT. It’s disturbing how much this championship inflates my self esteem.



I second Matt’s sentiments—2012 I was in transit during much of the playoffs, and had a hard time watching and properly celebrating. This time it was great to be in CA, and getting to share game experiences with each one of you



Oh, I’m basking in it

Big time

Been wearing my bootleg $10 T-shirt all day long


Will wear it all day tomorrow



I love that shirt. I hope it becomes your official Kings game attire – plus purple hoodie – in the future



Count on it

Guy only screened 100 of em—collector’s item! All day long, strangers have been digging it.

I love celebrating a championship in LA



How many cop cars have you flipped?

Where did you get it?



Oh man, I wanted to

We were in a bar and this dude was selling them



June 15





Reason 736 I love that the Kings won the cup: now we can officially start talking about offseason moves and next years roster.




June 16






Parade time, b______



Take some pics for me. Back north



For me too. I gotta work but I’m going to talk my boss into giving me a lunch break after two hours of work so I can watch it.



June 17



6:55 pm



So how many times have you rewatched that clinching goal?






I love Jim Fox on the call.


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